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As companies redefine their business models and incorporate AI into operations, the Wharton School recognizes the vital role that dedicated AI research centers will play in navigating future changes to transform and innovate business enterprises and society.  Our research is dually focused on improving business processes and understanding human behavior around AI applications and adoption.

2nd Annual Business & Generative AI Workshop

September 5-6, 2024

AI at Wharton’s 2nd annual Business and Generative AI workshop will be held on September 5-6, 2024 at Wharton San Francisco. Building on the success of our 2023 workshop, we invite thought leaders and experts to network around innovative ideas and insights into the potential of Generative AI to reshape business models, industries, and global economies.

2023 Annual Report

As the business world enters a new era of transformation, the integration of AI into core operations and models becomes not just an option, but a necessity. At The Wharton School, we’re not just observing this shift; we’re actively participating in it through the establishment and growth of AI at Wharton. This past year has been filled with outstanding milestones and achievements that underscore the expansive potential and impact of AI. Read more >>

AI Is Here. What’s Going to Change?

The artificial intelligence revolution is officially upon us. Hear from host Eric Bradlow, vice dean of Analytics at Wharton, as he meets with Wharton faculty experts across a wide range of business domains — from health care and neuroscience to sports and the auto industry — to learn how AI will impact these fields moving forward, and what we can do to stay ahead of the curve.

Focus Areas

Featured AI Courses 

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The Future of AI: How Wharton is Leading the Charge

The Wharton School has long been considered a pioneer on the subject of artificial intelligence (AI), and the latest efforts show how the institution is leading the way by exploring how the utilization of AI tools can solve business problems.  Read more >>


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