Artificial Intelligence for Business

The Next Phase of Digital Transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is bound to redefine every industry vertical. Innovative methods for data collection, content creation, and large-scale automation are opening new opportunities for business along with unseen implications for companies, consumers, and society.

AI for Business will support students through research, curriculum, and experiential learning to investigate AI applications. In addition to student support, AI for Business will offer programs for current industry professionals.

Featured AI Online Course for Professionals

Artificial Intelligence for Business is an online program for learners seeking a competitive edge in emerging business technology. Technology-oriented professionals, online marketers, statisticians, consultants, innovators, and data professionals will benefit from this 4-week certificate.

Artificial Intelligence at Wharton News


Free Will Online: The Illusion of Choice

Thanks to the internet, it seems like today we have more choices than ever before: films to watch or books to read, places to go, people to talk to. Most tech companies track everything you do on their platform to try and figure out what you’d like to see best.

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Five Strategies for Putting AI at the Center of Digital Transformation

Why do some AI projects succeed while others fail? According to Kartik Hosanager, it has more to do with identifying the right business strategy than any technological shortcomings.

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Wharton’s A.I. expert predicts the future of artificial intelligence in business

The big decisions that shape the fate of companies will remain in human hands, at least for the foreseeable future.

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A Human’s Guide to Machine Intelligence

Kartik Hosanagar surveys the brave new world of algorithmic decision-making and reveals the potentially dangerous biases they can give rise to as they increasingly run our lives.


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