AI Tools Come with Risks. This Wharton Professor is Teaching ‘Accountable AI.’

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(Outlet: The Philadelphia Inquirer) Kevin Werbach, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, is leading a course on “accountable AI” to address the risks and limitations of artificial intelligence. The course aims to help businesses understand and mitigate AI-related issues, including bias and significant errors. Werbach emphasizes the importance of creating effective accountability frameworks within organizations to manage AI systems responsibly.Read More

The Road to Accountable AI: Dr. Richard Benjamins discusses Telefónica’s journey towards responsible AI

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Professor Kevin Werbach and Dr. Richard Benjamins, former Chief Responsible AI Officer at Telefónica, discuss Telefónica’s journey towards responsible AI, corporate strategies to address these challenges, and Benjamins’ views on generative AI and the European AI Act on the Road to Accountability Podcast.Read More

We’re Focusing on the Wrong Kind of AI Apocalypse


(Outlet: Time) Ethan Mollick, Associate Professor at the Wharton School and Academic Director, Wharton Interactive, challenges the apocalyptic focus on AI risks and emphasizes the immediate threats of misinformation, deep fakes, and AI proliferation. He highlights the need for organizations to make informed decisions about AI’s impact on work and learning, emphasizing it requires thoughtful management and integration to avoid potential negative outcomes.Read More