AI in Focus: How Are AI and Robotics Redefining Productivity?

Adopting new technologies like AI and robots can drastically shift an organization’s processes from top to bottom. Wharton professor Lynn Wu joins Eric Bradlow, vice dean of Analytics at Wharton, to discuss how automation and artificial intelligence impact physical labor, productivity, and human resources. This interview is part of a special 10-part series called “AI in Focus.”Read More

81% Of Companies Have Generative AI Teams: Smaller Enterprises Lead

programmer test coding technologies with mobile phone for comparing mobile and desktop website. User experience concept.

(Outlet: Forbes) According to a recent study conducted by Wharton professor Stefano Puntoni and consultancy GBK Collective, 81% of large-scale enterprise companies with annual revenues exceeding $50 million have set up in-house generative AI teams consisting of at least 10 members. These findings indicate that generative AI is not merely a fleeting trend akin to cryptocurrency or web3 hype cycles, as noted by Puntoni.Read More

How AI Affects Our Sense of Self

(Outlet: Harvard Business Review) In this article, Gizem Yalcin and Stefano Puntoni, AI at Wharton faculty co-director, emphasize the importance of understanding how interactions with AI and automated technologies impact people’s self-perception, as it can significantly influence various success factors such as sales, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, and more.Read More