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Data Awarded to Researchers for “Identifying & Maintaining Great Financial Advisors”

In May 2016, AIAB launched an exciting Research Opportunity with Lincoln Financial Group. While researchers could submit to work on any facet of this data, the project is focused on predicting and exploring the lifetime value of financial advisors and agents. This rich dataset contains individual records for financial advisors and agents selling their products, including 8 years of sales transactions.

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Selected teams

The Impact of Firm’s Sales Support on Salesperson Lifetime Value
Minkyung Kim, Yale University
K. Sudhir Yale School of Management
Kosuke Uetake, Yale School of Management

Learning by Doing in the Context of Selling Financial Products
S Sriram, University of Michigan
Pradeep Chintagunta, University of Chicago
Joonhyuk Yang, Northwestern University

Dynamic Segmentation of Financial Advisors
Jian Ni, John Hopkins University
Lu Huang, University of Connecticut
Hongju Liu, University of Connecticut

Assessing the Agent-level, Client-level & Product-level Drivers of Agent Lifetime Value (ALV): Implications for the Financial Services Industry
V Kumar, Georgia State University
Sarang Sunder, Texas Christian University
Robert Leone, Texas Christian University

Choosing the Optimal Network of Financial Advisors in a  Marke
Gaston Illanes, Northwestern University
Vivek Bhattacharya, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Manisha Padi, Law School, Yale University & Economics Department, MIT

(How) Does Regulation Affect Financial Advisor Profitability?
Eva Labro, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
James Omartian, University of North Carolina at Chapel

Success beyond Self-Performance:  Collective Performance Lift from Inter-Agent Effects
Nuo Xu, Old Dominion University
Yuping Liu-Thompkins, Old Dominion University
Yi Zhao, Georgia State University

Customer Lifetime Value and the Prediction of Long-term Best Customers
Caiyun Liu, Northwestern University
Blakeley McShane, Northwestern University
Eric Anderson, Northwestern University