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The Next Phase of Digital Transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is bound to redefine every industry vertical. Innovative methods for data collection, content creation, and large-scale automation are opening new opportunities for business along with unseen implications for companies, consumers, and society.

AI for Business will support students through research, curriculum, and experiential learning to investigate AI applications. In addition to student support, AI for Business will offer programs for current industry professionals.

Wharton AI For Business Identifies and Funds Promising AI-related Startups

As part of the Venture Lab Startup Challenge, Wharton AI for Business helps to identify and fund promising AI-related startups. This year, a panel of six judges – ranging from esteemed AI faculty to industry experts – received pitches from a competitive field of student entrepreneurs at The University of Pennsylvania.

A/B Testing Simulation: Run and Analyze Randomized Experiments to Inform Product and Market Strategies

Wharton’s AI for Business is happy to share our latest service, A/B Testing Simulation. Modeled after real-world interfaces, the Simulation provides students with a highly interactive look into the world of A/B testing, and engages them throughout the entire process – from setting up questions to reading the outcome data to find actionable insights. We encourage faculty members around the globe to participate.

Artificial Intelligence for Business Program Enrollment

Artificial Intelligence for Business is an online program for learners seeking the competitive edge in emerging business technology. Learn the fundamentals of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and more. Technology-oriented professionals, online marketers, statisticians, automation innovators, and data professionals will benefit from this 4-week certificate.

The AI for Business Award

AIB is proud to partner with the Penn/Wharton Venture Lab to offer the AI for Business Award for the 2021-22 Startup Challenge. This monetary award is given to the team that best exemplifies the usage of innovative artificial intelligence in their business model.

Artificial Intelligence at Wharton News

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Deepfake Technology Is Now a Threat to Everyone. What Do We Do?

While AI is a powerful and essential tool for transforming the ways we do business, it is not without its pitfalls. Professor Kartik Hosanagar explains why the market may be our best hope to curtail deepfake scams in this op-ed published by The Wall Street Journal.

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How Can Financial Institutions Prepare for AI Risks?

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies hold big promise for the financial services industry, but they also bring risks that must be addressed with the right governance approaches, according to a white paper by a group of academics and executives from the financial services and technology industries, published by Wharton AI for Business.

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Your Next Job Interview May Be With a Robot—Whether You Realize It Or Not

The use of artificial intelligence has become increasingly widespread in recruitment over the last few years. Candidates are often asked to complete video interviews or online tests without any awareness that an algorithm will be the first assessor of their application.

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Artificial Intelligence Risk & Governance

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Risk and Security (AIRS) believes there are significant potential benefits of AI and that its adoption within financial services presents opportunities to improve both business and societal outcomes when risks are managed responsibly. This white paper provides AIRS views on potential approaches to AI governance for financial services including potential risks, risk categorization, interpretability, discrimination, and risk mitigation.

A Human’s Guide to Machine Intelligence

Kartik Hosanagar surveys the brave new world of algorithmic decision-making and reveals the potentially dangerous biases they can give rise to as they increasingly run our lives.


Featured AI Online Course for Professionals

Artificial Intelligence for Business is an online program for learners seeking a competitive edge in emerging business technology. Technology-oriented professionals, online marketers, statisticians, consultants, innovators, and data professionals will benefit from this 4-week certificate.

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