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Wharton Launches Business Analytics Specialization on Coursera

Today, Wharton Online Learning launched a brand new Business Analytics Specialization on the online education platform, Coursera.

This specialization is the first comprehensive set of courses designed to explore how data is used to drive better business decisions. It features the following 4 courses taught by Wharton faculty who are leaders in their field:

Customer Analytics—Eric Bradlow, Peter Fader, Raghuram Iyengar and Ron Berman (starts September 15)

Operations Analytics—Noah Gans, Sergei Savin, and Senthil Veeraraghavan (starts November 2)

People Analytics—Cade Massey, Martine Haas and Matthew Bidwell (starts December 1)

Accounting Analytics—Brian Bushee and Christopher Ittner (starts January 4)

Completion of the specialization requires students to complete the 4 courses in addition to the Capstone Project. The project gives students the opportunity to apply their skills to a real-world dataset and make appropriate business strategy recommendations. There is no prior experience needed to enroll in the program.

An explanatory LinkedIn post by Dean Geoffery Garrett can be found here, along with a video about the specialization.