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How is it December already? And how is it equally true that 2020 has lasted a decade?! It’s been quite a year, to say the least. As we head into the holiday season, AI and Analytics for Business would like to take a moment to reflect on this past year. We’re collecting the key analytics takeaways from 2020, and we invite you to complete this two-minute questionnaire. Submissions will be compiled and shared on our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts in the coming weeks.

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AI for Business

Human face profile outlined by 0s and 1s

Tomorrow’s business leaders need to understand where and how to apply AI within the enterprise. AI for Business, the newest addition to Analytics at Wharton, bridges the gap between business practitioners and data scientists while also equipping business professionals with strategic frameworks to bring AI to the center of business transformation efforts.

On November 17, 2020, AI for Business, AI and Analytics for Business, and the Marketing Science Institute co-hosted an Analytics Symposium for academic and business thought leaders to have interactive discussions on the use of AI for governance and risk mitigation, the benefits and risks algorithms, new opportunities for test and learn, and using AI to manage disruption.

Experiential Learning

Analytics Accelerator

World map with pins of students and company participant locations

The sun only occasionally set on the Fall 2020 Analytics Accelerator. Logging in from five countries and 10 time zones, our students, Wharton mentors, and company partners proved that analytics has no boundaries.

Despite disruptions caused by the pandemic, AIAB successfully hosted its fifth (first virtual) Analytics Accelerator. Over the course of six weeks, student teams worked with real-world data to solve a unique challenge posed by their respective company sponsor – Comcast, Cubic Mission and Performance Solutions, Evite, Lidl, Neuroflow, and TE Connectivity. This flagship experiential learning program culminated in the Summit on Nov. 13 when student teams presented their findings.

AIAB Spotlight

Ashley Clarke, W’23, & Patrizio Cernetti, WG’16

Speaking of the Analytics Accelerators, our student and alumnus spotlights are two individuals who lent their expertise to make this year’s program a success. Ashley Clarke, W’23, is a three-time Accelerator participant, most recently serving as a senior analyst on the Comcast team. Patrizio Cernetti, WG’16, a AIAB Senior Fellow, advised students on the Neuroflow team as their trusted mentor.

Thought Leadership

Markets in Motion

Graphic - "Markets in Motion: What you need to know to make marketing decisions during the COVID-19 Recession

Everybody’s doing a brand new dance now. It’s not quite the loco-motion but CMOs are definitely learning to move to a new beat as the markets jump up, jump back. Wharton Marketing Professors Raghu Iyengar and David Reibstein and Stephen Diorio, Director of Forbes Marketing Accountability Initiative, surveyed 352 CMOs to understand the actions leaders are taking today in the wake of the Covid-19 recession. They summarized their findings in a new white paper, Markets in Motion.

Get Involved

Women in Data Science @ Penn

woman at computer surrounded by data visualization images

^ This is what a data scientist looks like. (Ok, she’s a model who posed for a stock image photoshoot but you get the point.) The make up of the data scientist population is as diverse and varied as the disciplines they study.

AIAB is excited to celebrate the females in this community at the second annual Women in Data Science @ Penn conference from February 8-12, 2021.  Co-hosted by Analytics at Wharton, Penn Engineering, and the Wharton Statistics Department, this interdisciplinary event will discuss the latest advances and applications in data science and aims to inspire data scientists, regardless of gender, to support and empower women in the field.

Learn Analytics

Artificial Intelligence for Business Certificate 

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Artificial Intelligence for Business is an online program for learners seeking a competitive edge in emerging business technology. Technology-oriented professionals, online marketers, statisticians, automation innovators, and data professionals will benefit from this 4-week certificate.