AI and Analytics for Business


Students Lining the Classroom Aisle for Technical Skills

Most industries are rapidly shifting towards data and analytics as a core strategy. As a result, our students have recognized that the skills needed to be successful are changing. AI and Analytics for Business is helping transform our students into industry leaders by offering technical workshops in SQL and R.

This fall we were thrilled to see an overall 38.4% increase in student engagement in our SQL Workshop, SQL Bootcamp, and Beginner R Workshop.


Last year’s SQL Workshop saw 237 students register, this year we had 263. During this four-hour workshop, students learn the basics of Structured Query Language.


Students who are interested in learning SQL in-depth are encouraged to participate in our six-week SQL Bootcamp. Students meet once a week for 90 minutes and are given out-of-class assignments to complete between classes. This year, 137 students registered while only 30 enrolled in spring of 2016.


AIAB offered an Intro to R Workshop this fall with a registration increase of 24% from even this past spring (a total of 277 registrants). Students spent four hours with AIAB Senior Fellow Elea Feit who literally wrote the book on R to learn fundamentals of this widely popular language.