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Nielsen CMO Jamie Moldafsky On Data As A Force For Good

Jamie Moldafsky

On the occasion of Wharton’s Annual Analytics Conference, keynote speaker and Wharton MBA Alum Jamie Moldafsky presented her thoughts on how data and analytics can be both a source for truth and a force for good.

Moldafsky is the relatively newly named Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at the venerable data and media measurement company, Nielsen. The former long-time CMO of Wells Fargo and Forbes 50 Most Influential CMOs list member joined Nielsen in November of 2020 when Nielsen CEO David Kenny brought her in as part of his “refresh” of Nielsen’s senior leadership team.

After 30 years of managing consumer facing blue chip brands like Wells Fargo, American Express, Charles Schwab and Whirlpool, Moldafsky moved to a BtoB brand because she was attracted to the Nielsen mission.

“The reason I came to Nielsen and what excited me about Nielsen was that the company is grounded in data and analytics and is in a very powerful position, if it chooses, to actually make sure that the information it produces is used to do good. The data that we put out has an impact on society. So, we have a lens on it, which is about making sure it’s inclusive and representative, which it has to be in order for us to have integrity,” says Moldafsky.