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For New Marketing MBAs, Tech & Entrepreneurship Top Wish List

The University recently held its 259th Commencement and that means there’s a new pool of MBA’s ready to take on the job market. AIAB’s Co-Director, Eric Bradlow, spoke with Sarah Mahoney from Marketing Daily about new channels in the job market and what expectations Wharton graduates have for the current scene.

Professor Bradlow highlights how the class of 2015 is looking to shake things up a bit. More and more students are headed into non traditional fields – towards Silicon Valley and Seattle – and many are looking for jobs that offer rapid growth. Professor Bradlow says that he’s most surprised by the amount of students looking to start their own businesses. He uses the founders of Warby Parker as an example of the “new bulls eye” for graduates. Students look at young successful executives like them and ask, “why not me?”

On top of all their drive and ambition, Professor Bradlow also says that these grads have plenty of skills when it comes to the digital landscape. They know how to leverage and monetize data coming in from places that aren’t just social media, mobile, and digital marketing; they know where the valuable data is and how to make it useful.

You can read the full Marketing Daily interview here.