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MSI Marketing Analytics Conference 2023 Recap

Wharton AI & Analytics for Business (AIAB) and Analytics at Wharton (AAW) were thrilled to host the Marketing Science Institute’s annual industry-leading symposium for analytics leaders, data scientists, and top researchers on May 4-5, 2023 at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

In this conference, attendees engaged with top academics and business leaders who are at the forefront in applying artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to address critical challenges facing marketing today:

  • How can deep learning models analyze unstructured data to identify “interpretable spatial representations” of opportunities for innovation and patents, gaps in skillsets or strategic challenges?
  • What is the role of micro and macro-influencers in targeting audiences and diffusing new products or ideas?
  • As consumers turn to livestream shopping, how will AI assist dynamic customer interactions?
  • How are companies using large language models such as ChatGPT to automate creative content and other marketing activities?
  • Can incorporating theory on emotional response make “black box” predictive models more explainable and generalizable?
  • What are best practices for measuring and managing customers’ digital experience across touchpoints and over time?
  • How should behavioral scientists and data analysts collaborate to improve user experience with new technologies?

Catch up on all the conference had to offer below.

Livestream Shopping and Dynamic Customer Interactions

Xiao Liu

Associate Professor of Marketing, New York University

Applying “Explainable” AI: Using Theory to Understand AI Emotion Models

Hortense Fong

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Columbia University

MSI’s Marketing Mix Modeling Initiative Progress

Elea Feit, Alice Li

Associate Professor of Marketing, Drexel University, Associate Professor of Marketing, The Ohio State University

“Responsible AI” and Data Ethics

Miriam Vogal, JoAnn Stonier, Mary Purk

President and CEO of EqualAI, Chief Data Officer, Mastercard, Executive Director, Wharton AI and Analytics for Business

AI and the Future of Online Retailing Shopping

Nitzan Mekel-Bobrov, PhD.

Chief AI Officer, eBay

Using Simulated Data to Validate Marketing Mix Models 

Jessica Nguyen

Quantitative Researcher, Meta

Mega or Micro? Influencer Selection Using Follower Elasticity

Ryan Dew

Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Pennsylvania

AI at the Front End of Innovation

Jessica Yankell

Director, PepsiCo Beverages North America, Innovation Insights & Strategy, PepsiCo 

InnoVAE: Generative AI for Patents, Innovations, and Firms

Dokyun Lee

Associate Professor of Information Systems, Boston University

How Behavioral Science Can Help Data Analytics

Stefano Puntoni, Shiri Melumad, Patrick Moriarty

Professor of Marketing, Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Pennsylvania, SVP of Analytics Practice in North America, Kantar