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2015 AIAB Buxton Data Challenge Recap

buxton winners

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, (November 10, 2015)Buxton, a leading customer analytics provider, and AI and Analytics for Business (AIAB) at the University of Pennsylvania, partnered again to offer the Buxton Challenge, a student case study competition on the use of analytics for retail site selection. The final judging for this year’s challenge took place on October 16.

In the Buxton Challenge, student teams compete by building econometric models for a mock client with actual consumer and market data that Buxton anonymized and prepared for the program. Teams were evaluated on creativity, real world application of the model, model accuracy, presentation, and statistical and theoretical soundness of the model.

This year’s winning team – composed of Ted Iobst, Mike Klein and Dan Sirotkin – impressed Buxton judges with deep understanding of the business question, detailed analysis, model accuracy and clear communication of results. The team received a first prize check for $1,000.

“AI and Analytics for Business is a bridge-builder between academic life and industry,” said Colleen O’Neill, Executive Director of AIAB. “The Buxton Challenge is an activity that gives our students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and methods they are learning in the classroom to a real-world problem.  AIAB is excited that the program has grown in popularity among Penn students and we look forward to future competitions.”