The Next Phase of Digital Transformation:
AI Applications and Adoption

The next phase of business transformation is AI. As companies redefine their business models and incorporate AI into operations, the Wharton School recognizes the vital role that dedicated AI research centers will play in navigating future changes. AI at Wharton fosters, coordinates, and promotes AI activities across the University of Pennsylvania. Our research is dually focused on designing and implementing algorithms to improve business processes and human behavior to transform and innovate business enterprises.

Focus Areas

AI at Wharton leverages two strategic initiatives: one focused on understanding the economic and societal impact of AI to drive business transformation, and one focused on the human impact of AI.

Business and AI

Artificial intelligence and analytics are at the center of firms’ decision-making today. AI at Wharton provides business leaders with the understanding of where and how to apply AI to transform and innovate business enterprises. Focus includes AI Business Applications, AI Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and AI Ethics and Governance.

Humans and AI

Artificial intelligence brings new challenges and opportunities. AI at Wharton explores the impact of artificial intelligence across industries and society, inspires innovative teaching and research, and engages global leaders to set a course to address data ethics in an age of digital transformation. Focus includes AI Management.