Corporate Partnership

Harness the Power of Corporate Partnership

Our innovative partnership program transforms your business with AI, leveraging the latest advances in machine learning. Through tailored engagements with our global consortium of academics, students, and industry practitioners, Corporate Partners elevate their organizations through the three pillars of our program.


Business Value Creation

Leverage insights from customized research projects to generate real business value

Thought Partnership and Leadership

Stimulate thought leadership through events, white papers, and capstone case studies

Talent Sourcing and Skill Development

Work with top-tier students who represent future data scientists and AI leadership

Dynamic Learning Partner

Increase visibility as a thought leader and gain access to the Wharton and Penn talent pipeline by facilitating experiential learning opportunities or by partnering with Wharton faculty and our network of industry experts to co-host an event.

Innovative Research Partner

Solve complex data and business challenges through a carefully structured research opportunity with AIB’s global consortium of 3,700+ top-tier academic researchers who use innovative approaches to analyze data.