Analytics Symposium: The Use of Analytics and AI in the Post-Pandemic World

On November 17, 2020, AI for Business, Wharton Customer Analytics, and the Marketing Science Institute co-hosted an Analytics Symposium for academic and business thought leaders to have interactive discussions on the use of AI for governance and risk mitigation, the benefits and risks algorithms, new opportunities for test and learn, and using AI to manage disruption.Read More

Free Will Online: The Illusion of Choice

Thanks to the internet, it seems like today we have more choices than ever before: films to watch or books to read, places to go, people to talk to. But there’s so much information online that we can only ever see a fraction of it – and so most tech companies track everything you do on their platform, build a digital doppelganger of who you are, then compare that model of you to others, to try and figure out what you’d like to see best. Kartik Hosanagar researches the consequences of this process at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and Chris Smith asked him who’s really in control here…Read More

Wharton School announces new AI for Business initiative

The Wharton School has announced the establishment of Wharton AI for Business, which will inspire cutting-edge teaching and research in artificial intelligence, while joining with global business leaders to set a course for better understanding of this nascent discipline. “The advances made possible by artificial intelligence hold the potential to vastly improveRead More